août 2011

Visualization: teaching resources added

I have added two talks on visualization to the teaching resources.
  1. The first document explains some of the background related to molecular visualization on GPUs. It relates to a talk given at "Journée visu 2010" on 5-Oct-2010 at EDF Clamart: Visualizing Molecules on GPUs talk (PDF). You can also find related example code and extensive discussion at the HyperBalls website. A second, more detailed document is available, with some bits in French, some in English.
  2. Ce document "La chimie fait son cinéma en visualisation moléculaire" explique quelques fondements de la visualisation sur cartes graphiques (GPU). Cette conférence a été présentée en mai 2011 aux MIEC-JIREC 2011. Vous pouvez télécharger le document ici: La chimie fait son cinéma en visualisation moléculaire (PDF, French+English).

HyperBalls representation: publication and website now online!

The article "GPU-accelerated atom and dynamic bond visualization using hyperballs: A unified algorithm for balls, sticks, and hyperboloids" is now online at the Journal of Computational Chemistry website (see abstract below). There is a dedicated website about all things HyperBall, comprising some background information, a picture and movie gallery and download links: more...