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  • 1 - 2012 ; April ; M. Prevost, L. Sauguet, H. Nury, C. Van Renterghem, C. Huon, F. Poitevin, M. Baaden, M. Delarue, P.-J. Corringer ; A novel Locally Closed Conformation of a Bacterial Pentameric Proton-gated Ion Channel ; NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

  • 2 - 2012 ; May ; M. Chavent, M. Baaden*, E. Hénon, S. Antonczak ; Bientôt dans votre amphithéâtre, la chimie fera son cinéma. De la bonne utilisation des ressources informatiques pour l’enseignement : visualisation moléculaire, illustration de processus chimiques et de modèles physiques ; ACTUALITé CHIMIQUE ; 363 (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

  • 3 - 2012 ; June ; L. Darre, A. Tek, M. Baaden*, S. Pantano* ; Mixing atomistic and coarse grain solvation models for MD simulations: let WT4 handle the bulk ; JCTC (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

  • 4 - 2012 ; Nov ; B. Laurent, S. Murail, F. Da Silva, P.-J. Corringer, M. Baaden ; Modeling complex biological systems: From solution chemistry to membranes and channels ; PURE APPL. CHEM. ; ASAP (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

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  • 1 - 2012 ; A. Tek, B. Laurent, M. Piuzzi, Z. Lu, M. Baaden, O. Delalande, M. Chavent, N. Férey, C. Martin, L. Piccinali, B. Katz, P. Bourdot, Ludovic Autin ; Advances in Human-Protein Interaction - Interactive And Immersive Molecular Simulations ; W. Cai and H. Hong ; Intech, Croatia (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

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  • 1 - 2011 ; January ; H. Nury, C. Van Renterghem, Y. Weng, A. Tran, M. Baaden, V. Dufresne, J.-P. Changeux, J. M. Sonner, M. Delarue and P.-J. Corringer ; X-ray structures of general anaesthetics bound to a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel ; NATURE ; 469 ; 428–431 (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

  • 2 - 2011 ; February ; M. Chavent, B. Lévy, M. Krone, K. Bidmon, J. P. Nominé, T. Ertl and M. Baaden ; GPU-powered tools boost molecular visualization ; BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS ; 12 ; 689-701 (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

  • 3 - 2011 ; Jul ; L. J. Catoire, M. Damian, M. Baaden, E. Guittet and J.-L. Banères ; Electrostatically–driven fast association and perdeuteration allow transferred cross–relaxation detection for G protein–coupled receptor ligands with equilibrium dissociation constants in the high–to–low nanomolar range ; J BIOMOLECULAR NMR ; 50 ; 3 ; 191-5 (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

  • 4 - 2011 ; Oct ; M. Chavent, A. Vanel, A. Tek, B. Levy, S. Robert, B. Raffin and M. Baaden ; GPU-accelerated atom and dynamic bond visualization using HyperBalls: a unified algorithm for balls, sticks and hyperboloids ; J COMPUT CHEM ; 32 ; 13 ; 2924-2935 (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

  • 5 - 2011 ; Sep ; O. Delalande, S. Sacquin-Mora, M. Baaden ; Enzyme closure and nucleotide binding structurally lock guanylate kinase ; BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL ; 101 ; 6 ; 1440-1449 (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

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  • 1 - 2011 ; Matthieu Chavent, Marc Piuzzi, Alex Tek, Marc Baaden ; FvNano: A Virtual Laboratory to Manipulate Molecular Systems ; 1st IEEE symposium on biological data visualization, Providence, RI @ ieee visweek, 2011, N# 136 (Google)(Scholar)(Pubmed)

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    Poster clippingElectrostatically-driven fast association and perdeuteration allow detection of transferred cross-relaxation for G protein-coupled receptor ligands with equilibrium dissociation constants in the high-to-low nanomolar rangeL. J. Catoire, M. Damian, M. Baaden, E. Guittet, J.-L. Banères2011
    Poster clippingConformational dynamics in a nicotinic receptor homologue probed by simulationsH. Nury, F. Poitevin, C. Van Renterghem, B. Laurent, T. Allen, J.-P. Changeux, P.-J. Corringer, M. Delarue, M. Baaden2011
    Poster clippingFvNano - une plateforme de dynamique moléculaire interactiveM. Piuzzi, A. Tek, M. Chavent, A. Vanel, B. Raffin, A. Turki, S. Limet, S. Robert, N. Férey, M. Baaden2011
    Poster clippingUnityMol: game engine-powered GPU-boosted molecular visualizationM. Chavent, A. Tek, Z. Lv, M. Baaden2011
    Poster clippingGPU-accelerated molecular visualization using the Unity3D game engineZ. Lv, M. Chavent, A. Tek, M. Baaden2011
    Poster clippingInsights into Membrane Fusion from Molecular Dynamics Simulations of SNARE ProteinsA. Tek, B. Laurent, M. Baaden2011
    Poster clippingbioSpring, an interactive and multi-resolution software for flexible docking and for mechanical exploration of large biomolecular assemblies - methodsN. Férey, O. Delalande, M. Baaden2011
    Poster clippingFvNano - an interactive molecular dynamics platformM. Piuzzi, A. Tek, M. Baaden, M. Chavent, M. Dreher, B. Raffin, A. Turki, S. Limet, S. Robert, N. Férey2012
    Poster clippingFlowvr-Nano - visualiser, toucher, déformer et assembler des molécules du bout des doigtsM. Baaden & FvNano team2012
    Poster clippingPushing the boundaries of computational biology with interdisciplinary approachesM. Baaden2012
    Poster clippingHyperBalls on GPU: dynamic visualization of molecular structures - Scientific Visualization Accelerated by Graphics ProcessorsM. Chavent, A. Tek, Z. Lu, M. Piuzzi, B. Laurent, M. Baaden2012
    Poster clippingInsights into Membrane Fusion from Molecular Dynamics Simulations of SNARE ProteinsA. Tek, P.J. Bond, M.S.P. Sansom, M. Baaden2012
    Poster clippingStudy of the interaction between general anesthetics and a bacterial homologue to the human nicotinic receptorB. Laurent, S. Murail, P.-J. Corringer, M. Delarue, M. Baaden2012
    Poster clippingUnityMol: Visualization with a game engineZ. Lv, A. Tek, M. Chavent, M. Baaden2012