Members of the team

Team1 Team2

Principal Investigator

  • Dr Marc BAADEN

Post-doctoral fellows

  • Dr Samuel MURAIL - Nico_chimera project
  • Dr Francesco OTERI - BioPac project
  • Dr Marc PIUZZI - FlowVRNano and ExaViz projects

Graduate and Master Students

  • Alex TEK - Nanomechanics of membrane fusion : high performance simulations of the SNARE proteins
  • Benoist LAURENT - Nicotinic receptor modelling via bacterial homologs: allosteric transition, gating & pharmacology
  • Franck Da Silva - UnityMol development for improved molecular visualization
  • Charly Empereur - UnityMol extension for EM data visualization (with Slavica Jonic)

Visitors (past and present)

  • Dr Tyler Reddy - in the context of the HPC Europa 2 project MODELLO1
  • Dr Prapasiri Pongprayoon - modeling of the leukotriene receptor BLT2 and its interaction with ligands
  • Dr Daniel Parton - in the context of an HPC Europa 2 project; now a post-doc in Chicago
  • Dr Maria Vittoria Cubellis - collaborating on the subject of pharmacological chaperones

Former group members

  • Dr Zhihan LU - now a post-doc in Sweden
  • Dr Matthieu CHAVENT - now a post-doc at University of Oxford
  • Dr Leonardo DARRE - now at Institut Pasteur, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Dr Olivier DELALANDE - now an assistant professor at University of Rennes 1
  • Dr Nicolas FEREY - now an assistant professor at IUT Orsay
  • Dr Marie-Pierre DURRIEU - now a teacher
  • Dr Emmanuel LEVY - now a post-doc at the Michnick lab
  • Emeline GASSER


The images shown above were kindly provided by Z. Lu and are his copyright, 2010.