mai 2011

HyperBalls website site now launched !

We are very excited to launch this website dedicated to the HyperBalls representation. This site will be regularly updated to add new content, demos, tutorials, videos and so on ...

We are currently working on a minimal source code that will be released very soon. This source code will allow a user to load a pdb file, rotate the camera and zoom in or out. It will be possible to interactively change parameters to depict either
Ball and stick, licorice or HyperBalls representations.

Our next goal is to discuss the possible implementation of HyperBalls within largely used software with the developers of common molecular viewers such as VMD, Yasara, Pymol... If you are interested, please contact us! If you think that the HyperBalls representation can be useful for your own scientific field (not necessarily just molecular visualization) please contact us too !