HyperBalls demo source code now online !

It now is possible to download the code of a simple HyperBalls demo and compile it (http://sourceforge.net/projects/hyperballs/files/HyperBallDemo_V0.1_Cg.tgz/download).

There are still a few constraints, first related to availability. For the moment, the code works quite well on a Linux machine, but not on MacOs X. This is due to a limitation of the current OSX OpenGL implementation and we are working on alternatives. We will soon try to test the demo on a Windows machine.

Second, the hardware requirements: The current version of the program only works on Nvidia cards (Cg shaders). We will very soon provide a GLSL version, compatible with a wide variety of graphics cards. The graphics card must support at least Shader Model 3.0.

We hope to provide more demos and code soon, so stay tuned and send us your feedback!