Developper's corner

Documentation (1.0.25beta version)

The documentation is still a work in progress but you can access a wiki here and a documentation of the code generated by doxygen here.


UnityMol is CiteWare, so please mention our PLoS One and SweetUnityMol articles when you use UnityMol in your projects. We would also welcome your contributions to integrate your developments and improvements in the official UnityMol version for everybody. UnityMol development would not have been possible without the many resources available through the Unity3D forums, and it is thus natural to "give back" the outcome of this work.

Source code

Concerning source code availability, the everyday development of UnityMol does not take place on a public repository but in our lab's internal gitlab environment. We do release source code with every major UnityMol version, typically when the related paper gets accepted. If you need source code access in between these releases, please contact us to find an appropriate solution.


Unitymol is on twitter and we also have a Gitter community room. In addition there are three mailing lists visible through the forum pages, and a yet pristine support ticketing system.