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Sorry for the long silence.. moving my whole toolchain!

DecorativeLately, it has been quite silent here on my blog. I have been moving my whole workflow and toolchain to a new paradigm, so I put the production of new content on hold until I started to get a working implementation. This is now slowly coming together, but it is still not quite there yet. For now I will minimally add new information here, and later on transition all the current content to the new system. Here are a few brief snippets of information.

I was really fascinated by discovering the full depth of possibilities with the Emacs text editor. I was in particular inspired by the fantastic materials put online by David Wilson on his System Crafter's website. My Emacs-workflow approach extends also to usage in computational sciences, for instance using notebook-like literate programming approaches (org-mode tangling in Emacs jargon) for my daily research work. The talk (in French only, sorry) on Esthétique et Notebook (Emacs) by Nicolas Rougier is extremely inspiring in this respect.

Such a change in my day-to-day working method has many ramifications on very diverse topics such as managing your dotfiles, taking notes (I am re-balancing from Evernote towards Emacs org-roam now), programming IDEs (doing Unity development within Emacs!), generating my contents (website, blog etc.) and many more. So far, I did a first test of linking my original org file blog entries to my website workflow, where I still use (at least for the present one) RapidWeaver. Within RW, I use mostly Markdown, or some simple plain html. The org format in Emacs can efficiently be changed into either of those languages, Markdown or html. So this org->html->RW chain will do temporarily for now. In the longer run I want to achieve more automation.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to script RapidWeaver (e.g. for generating a new blog post from the Emacs export). I experimented with another tool, at least for the blog part: LazyBlorg. It is both very powerful and customizable and ties in very well with org-mode. For now I am experimenting on my personal blog, going by the name B@amCode#. There I will report much more about my Emacs meanderings, tools and workflows to streamline tasks with my whole new toolchain. So if you are interested in these more technical bits, have a look there! On the present blog here, I will concentrate on scientific research and related topics.
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