A graphic depicting a chain (link).
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		A graphic showing an artistic painting of an E. coli
		cross-section around the outer membrane.

Molecular Artwork

David S. Goodsell has done some incredible molecular artwork depicting biological systems at a molecular level. In particular one drawing depicts a cross-section of a small portion of an Escherichia coli cell. Numerous details of the bacterial outer membrane are represented. The illustration is available at http://www.scripps.edu/pub/goodsell/illustration/public/.

The IGC Molecular Art gallery provides beautiful examples of scientific artwork online. Take a virtual tour !

Force fields

Useful general information can be found in the ChamotLabs Periodic Table. Further links to various parametrizations maintained by Gerry Lushington are accessible from here.

Amber users might be quite interested by the Amber parameter database. The Amber home page provides details about forcefields and parametrisation.

Useful tools

(Inter)-conversion of various units can be done online at this site.